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Fleece to floor - British wool carpet

We combine expertise and absolute care to produce a product we can really be proud of.

We’re proud to call ourselves a British brand and around 1400 people worldwide help us to create a product which we believe is the finest quality wool carpet available. Each one is made to our high standards, which have been fiercely upheld over 230 years, and are at the heart of what we believe as a family and as a company. We think this is best achieved through marrying the finest wools – much of which are British – to the latest technology, to make the greatest luxury carpet.

The wool from one in eight British sheep ends up in a Brintons carpet...

Back in the 50s, we invented the ‘Brintons Blend’, which combines 80 per cent wool with 20 per cent nylon for the perfect combination of softness and durability. We still use this blend today because it has all the beauty of the wool, in a much longer-lasting form.

The yarns in a Brintons woven carpet are spun and dyed to our stringent specifications and unlike most other carpet manufacturers, we design and build all our own looms, and to this day we check and finish each carpet by hand before it leaves the factory.

After selecting only the best wool, we spin and dye the yarn, and then assign the correct colours to the loom. For a patterned carpet the loom picks up the yarn as it needs each colour, and weaves it into a design line by line. Every metre of carpet is inspected by eye twice, and finished by hand before it leaves the factory.

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