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How to create a moodboard

A moodboard is a page where you can collect together images that you like; perhaps personal ideas for redecorating, or to share with others. You can collect images from many different places on the website, or even upload your own.

Adding an image from the website

You can add images from the website to your moodboard while viewing carpets, Inspiration gallery images etc.

Any image which can be 'pinned' to your moodboard will show a pin icon with a green plus at the top right corner (as shown here) when you move the mouse over, or touch, the image.

Select the pin icon in order to add the image to your moodboard. The icon will change to a pin on a full green background to indicate that you have pinned the image.

You can continue to browse the website, adding further images to your moodboard in this way.

Viewing your moodboard

Select My moodboard & samples in order to view your moodboard. If you've pinned a few images it should look something like the example here.

There are several options available to you in relation to your moodboard, which we will look at below.

You can edit the name or description of your board, or add/update notes on any of the images pinned.

You can rearrange the images on your moodboard or add a carpet to a sample order.

You can share your moodboard with others by sending a link or via social networks.

You can upload an image file of your own.

You can delete an unwanted moodboard.

Editing text on your moodboard

You can edit the name and description of your moodboard, or any of the notes that show below the individual images.

Move the mouse pointer near to an item of text and a green 'pen' icon will appear, indicating that you can edit this text.

Click the icon and you can update the text. Select the green tick icon to save your changes, or the red cross in order to cancel and return to the original text.

When using a touch device, simply touch the item of text that you wish to edit, then confirm or cancel as described.

Rearranging/updating items

It's possible to rearrange the images on your moodboard by drag and drop.

Move the mouse over an image and three icons will appear, indicating the possible options for this item.

Hold down the mouse button with the cursor over the bottom right (arrows) icon and move the mouse in order to drag the image to a new position on the moodboard, releasing the mouse button in order to 'drop'.

The top right (pin with red minus sign) icon allows you to remove the item from your moodboard.

The top left icon (basket with green plus sign) is only available for images of carpet and allows you to add this carpet to your sample order basket.

Sharing your moodboard

To share your moodboard, just select the Share my moodboard button.

A web address (URL) will be displayed which you can copy and send to others to allow them to view your moodboard page.

You can also share via Facebook or Pinterest by selecting the appropriate icon.

Select Unshare moodboard to stop sharing: the web address will no longer allow others to view your moodboard.

Uploading your own images

To upload an image to your moodboard from your own computer, select Upload a file.

A window will be displayed, allowing you to find and select your desired image.

A yellow box will show while the image is uploading, showing progress information. When complete, the box will turn green (as shown here) and the image will appear on your moodboard.

By default the image will be labelled with its filename. You can use the text editing option (as described above) to enter a new name for the image if you wish.

Deleting a moodboard

To delete the current moodboard, select the Delete moodboard button.

You will be asked for confirmation; select the green tick icon to continue to delete the moodboard, or the red cross in order to cancel, for example if you selected delete by mistake or changed your mind.

After deleting, you will be returned to your My moodboards page.

If you wish to start on a new moodboard, you can:

  • Select Create a new moodboard
  • View a guest moodboard and then select Start a moodboard using this one
  • Or simply browse the website and begin pinning your favourite images.

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