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Announcements Mar 03, 2022

A statement from our CEO, Duccio Baldi

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Dear Customer, client and followers of Brintons worldwide.

We have all had the opportunity to witness the terrible news arising from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. To see a sovereign state like Ukraine experience this truly shocking event in the 21st century is a stark reminder of the barbaric depths that despots will go to in search of power, with the subsequent result leading to the death of innocent civilians.

At Brintons we pride ourselves in our ethical approach to all areas of the business. We stand full square with the people of Ukraine. In line with an increasing number of organisations, we too at Brintons will withdraw from all business dealings with Russia.

Let us all hope that sense and compassion prevail in the near future.

Slava Ukraini!

Duccio Baldi

Chief Executive
Brintons Carpets Ltd

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