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Our latest commercial stock range, Centauri, draws inspiration from the diverse elements of the universe and the human fascination with its mysterious nature.

Centauri is a scintillating collection of designs with intensity, appealing depths of colours and complementing textures, creating stunning, functional and pragmatic surfaces.

Centauri offers a range of breathtaking designs, specifically designed for the Australian hospitality, gaming and leisure markets. These high contract specification axminster carpets are woven in our 80% wool, 20% nylon blend and are available from stock in 3.66m width.

Web Centauri Caldera

Dso 50299 20 Caldera



Web Lg Centauri Keyhan

Dso 50304 37 Keyhan



Web Centauri Geospace

Dso 50301 87 Geospace



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