Kirman Ready to Weave carpets

Unique solutions for smaller projects

Our Kirman Ready to Weave carpets are available for projects 20m² to 1000m²

Kirman Geometric

Developed by our talented team of expert designers, Kirman offers a choice of 50 production ready designs, waiting to be custom coloured using our vibrant Kirman palette of 12 colours.

The Kirman Ready to Weave series showcases a broad range of flooring designs, including florals, geometrics, scrolls, textures, modern and traditional patterns.

Clever texturing techniques including mottles, striés and fades have been used within the patterns to add depth and interest, whilst offering practical commercial application for hospitality, leisure and gaming interiors. Explore the full collection...

The Kirman Ready to Weave palette

Kirman Poms
Web Kirman Lobby Q1513 001 3D
Websq Kirman Lift Lobby Q1536 001 3D

Explore the Kirman collection

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