The Collectionist Hotel Sydney

Beautifully crafted wool-rich woven axminster carpets at the gloriously unique Collectionist Hotel, Camperdown are inspired by our stunning collaboration with Studio Elke | Composite.

Guests are set to revel in the unconventional approach to guestroom design at Sydney’s Collectionist Hotel in Camperdown. With no two rooms alike, each of the 39 guestrooms at the Collectionist Hotel have been given their own unique style, thanks to collaborations with four creative design studios - including the incredible Amber Road Design - who chose to work with a selection of our Studio Elke | Composite jewellery inspired carpet designs in their rooms!

The rooms & the carpets

Hotel Collectionist Composite Elke

Panda Sinclair

Tinkerer Room | Collectionist Hotel

Web A032595Ek Q01


Composite | Sorceress

Hotel Collectionist Composite Elke2

Rita Velour

Artisan Room | Collectionist Hotel

Web A032632Ek Q01


Composite | Jasper Thunder Below

Img1212 The Collectionist Day04 S37 Room G08 Detail 03 796Final K32Lgk Image Hc4

Helga Station

Bootstrap Room | Collectionist Hotel

Q01 A032627Ek


Composite | Musk Nucleus

Collectionist Hotel images: Terence Chin


Studio Elke Composite

An exciting collection of customisable axminster carpet designs.

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