Woven axminster & hand tufted rugs

Beautifully designed and expertly engineered for commercial interiors

Principal York Loose Lay Rugs


As the largest design element in a space, flooring has an important role to play in an interior scheme. With a rise in the use of hard flooring, the key to weaving décor elements into a cohesive whole is to use a custom axminster rug.

Brintons loose lay woven axminster rugs are transformative and offer endless design possibilities; making a bold statement or simply adding another layer of textural luxury to an interior. Our axminster rugs are woven in our signature 80% wool, 20% nylon yarn blend.

Fs Kyoto Cameo Hantuft


We can create the most exquisite hand tufted rugs using the finest wools. The opportunities with hand tuft are almost limitless in terms of colour, design treatments and textural effects. The size and scale of our hand tufted rugs are limited only by our physical capability to transport extremely large pieces.

Our axminster and hand tufted rugs are thoughtfully designed and crafted to enhance beautiful spaces.

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