Solution dyed nylon

custom designed woven axminster carpets


Solution Dyed Nylon is manufactured through a unique process where colour pigments are added during the early stages of yarn production. This allows the colour to penetrate all the way through the fibre, resulting in one of the most colourfast yarns in the industry.

Specifying a woven axminster carpet made with Solution Dyed Nylon provides numerous advantages, including unparalleled appearance retention and durability, creating a desirable and comfortable environment, and providing a low maintenance, easy to clean flooring even when frequent, intense cleaning is needed.

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Solution Dyed Nylon carpet can be used in installations from hotel resorts to airports, healthcare facilities to offices, restaurants to senior living residences. It is particularly useful in settings where stains and soiling can be an issue.

Brintons Solution Dyed Nylon is available in 200 specially selected colours, so now you don’t have to choose between design and functionality.


River Landing Sandy Ridge Banner

River Landing at Sandy Ridge, US

Healthcare USA & Canada

Brintons has worked with ID Collaborative to create 14,000yd² custom designed axminster carpets for the senior living residences at River Landing at Sandy Ridge, North Carolina, US.

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Our Soluton Dyed Nylon carpets are engineered to meet the challenges of high traffic applications where frequent cleaning is required.

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