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Humble House Taipei, Taiwan

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Brintons worked with world-renowned hospitality design company Hirsch Bedner Associates Pte. Ltd (HBA) to create 17,000m² custom designed axminster carpets for Humble House Taipei.

Designed by Hirsch Bedner Associates Pte. Ltd (HBA), Humble House presents a simple and relaxed style, featuring the theme of a city garden which gives it an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

The hotel has maintained exclusivity by introducing art, culture and living into the hotel setting, with contemporary works of art from international artists delicately placed throughout the property. It is a quiet, peaceful getaway amidst the urban clamour of Taipei.

Brintons custom designed axminster carpets grace the floors of the guestrooms, corridors, Grand Ballroom, prefunction areas and Premier suites. Brintons designers worked in partnership with the team at HBA to create a beautiful contemporary design solution.

Project summary

Name Humble House Taipei, Taiwan
Details 17k m² custom woven axminster carpets
Date 2014
Designer Hirsch Bedner Associates Pte. Ltd (HBA)
Images Courtesy of Humble House Taipei, Taiwan
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Brintons Humble House Taiwan 4463 2014 web

"Brintons has again supplied quality carpets for hotels of My Humble House Group.
The team conducted itself very professionally from the designing and artwork confirmation stage.
We have always had high expectations from Brintons. The carpets were a sound investment for us."

Senior Project Director, My Humble House Group, Humble House Taipei

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