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InterContinental Sydney, Australia

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Step inside the InterContinental Sydney and you will be instantly drawn to its classical elegance and historical charm.

Once the city's Treasury Building, the InterContinental Sydney function spaces and ballroom have been magnificently transformed as part of a $200million refurbishment under the careful creative guidance of Anna Goh and Ayumi Poon with the team at DBI Design.

DBI Design collaborated with Brintons to translate their vision for the ballroom and meeting room floors into an exquisite collection of luxurious, hand finished wool-rich woven Axminster carpets.

Brintons team of designers, planners and project managers worked closely with DBI to take the designs from initial concept and shape them with meticulous precision into a beautiful, high performance flooring solution. Brintons designers offered expertise in design execution, finessing the carpet patterning and adding shading with single yarn precision. The medallion designs were delicately refined to be classically unique. Borders were introduced to neatly frame the patterns. The colours, selected from Brintons neutrals palette, were carefully matched to achieve the contemporary aesthetic DBI was looking for.

Project Summary

Name InterContinental Sydney
Details 2.6k m² custom woven axminster carpets
Date February 2018
Designer DBI Design
Images Courtesy of InterContinental Sydney
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Brintons planners and project managers were on hand to offer technical support and guidance throughout the project. The historic architectural features of the hotel's interior added to the complexity of the project. The pillars in the ballrooms were used as design anchor points, governing the placement of design motifs. Careful planning was essential to ensure precision design placement, minimise the number of seams and keep waste to an absolute minimum.

DBI Design from past project outcomes have confidence in Brintons to deliver the project and the result is exceptional - the carpets provide a stunning, sophisticated backdrop to the interior spaces.

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