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Brintons has worked with ID Collaborative to create 14,000yd² custom designed axminster carpets for the senior living residences at River Landing at Sandy Ridge, North Carolina, US.

Aiming to create a space that was comfortable yet contemporary, local interior design firm, ID Collaborative, re-designed the senior living space with residents in mind. River Landing’s existing carpet was woven and had held up well over the past thirteen years, so it was a no-brainer to invest in axminster for the renovation.

Durable Brintons axminster patterns recolored in four different combinations – calming blues, vibrant orange-reds, welcoming greens, and harmonious neutrals – flow throughout the space highlighting different areas in the interior to assist in wayfinding.

In anticipation of the amount of harsh cleaning and possible spills some areas would receive ID Collaborative also specified 1,089 yards of axminster carpet woven with Brintons Solution Dyed Nylon yarn for the dining areas.

The property's International Restaurant, titled The Wayfarer, is a cosy travel inspired interior featuring a large scaled abstracted landscape pattern from Brintons' Credence collection. The richly textured design woven with 100% Solution Dyed Nylon will aid in soil-hiding while also elevating the space's world-map concept.

Name River Landing at Sandy Ridge, North Carolina, US
Details 14k yd² custom woven axminster carpets
Date 2018
Designer ID Collaborative, North Carolina, US
Images Courtesy of ID Collaborative
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"Brintons was truly a team player with us on this project. They diligently worked with us through several iterations to make sure the scale of our corridor carpet was perfect, even going so far as to let us purchase a small amount of the corridor carpet and install it in one corridor as a mock-up for client approval prior to placing the overall order. When we couldn’t find the right shade of yellow yarn we wanted for our yellow and gray carpet in the pom box, they searched their resources until they found one to meet our requests. They were also very involved from the installation side, as the rep showed up onsite the first day of installation to make sure that our installers put in the door drops correctly. These carpets were integral in crafting the hospitality-based aesthetic for this project and have since become a standard on the River Landing campus."

Erin Peters

Interior Designer | ID Collaborative

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