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Beautifully designed and thoughtfully crafted woven carpets for your home

Why choose a Brintons woven carpet?

We have been weaving carpets for more than 230 years. We develop all of our designs and colours in our own studios and control the manufacturing process from start to finish. After selecting only the best fleeces, we spin and dye yarn to stringent quality standards, mixing together wool with nylon to create our special Brintons ‘80/20’ blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon, guaranteeing a carpet that is soft yet strong.

Types Of Carpet

We specialise in woven carpets: wilton, which is great for textured plains and axminster, a process that allows the creation of breathtaking patterns. We use our expert knowledge to weave the very best quality carpet for you. Whether you choose patterned or plain, every Brintons carpet is inspected by eye twice and finished by hand before it leaves our factory.

How do we weave luxury?

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In a Brintons axminster carpet, each tuft of yarn is woven and locked into place by shots of backing yarn to create a strong, integrated three-dimensional structure. This creates a strong, durable floor covering which will perform in the highest use areas of the home.

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The axminster weaving technique is best suited for achieving detail, perfect for creating complex decorative designs. To create some of our most breathtaking carpets, we use electronic jacquard looms, with computer-controlled design selection at loom, which allow the creation of large, asymmetrical design repeats.

Carpet Terms


Our wilton carpets are woven on 'face-to-face' looms designed and built by our own engineers. We weave two carpets at the same time which are then sliced into two separate rolls.

Our wiltons are hard wearing and dimensionally stable. They do not suffer from the delamination and stability weakness often associated with tufted carpets. We weave two styles of cut pile wilton carpets - twist and velvet plush.

Bell Twist 61382 China Blue

Bell Twist

Bell Twist offers luxury that lasts. It is soft and cosy underfoot, yet still tough enough for high traffic areas like hallways. The carpet yarn used in Bell Twist has an extra twist added to the spinning process, which creates the renowned defined and textured surface.


Velvet plush

Velvet plush cut pile carpets are created by denser weaves of yarn that result in a really sumptuous finish. We have two plain velvet plush cut pile carpets True Velvet and Majestic. Majestic is our most luxurious plain. It is endlessly strong, rich and sumptuous, and will add grandeur and depth to any interior.

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