Choose a high quality underlay to keep your carpet looking its best for longer

It’s very easy to forget what goes underneath your carpet but it’s important to choose a high quality underlay to keep your carpet looking its best for longer.

Underlay Q&A

Should I reuse old underlay if it looks okay?

Carpet needs to have as firm a support as possible in order to achieve its maximum performance. An old flattened or new soft underlay will not be capable of providing adequate support to the carpet and it may well show wear more quickly.

Soft vs Firm underlay – which should I buy?

Firmer underlays give added protection to the carpet against the hard subfloor during normal walking. Indentations from furniture will be less severe where the carpet is fitted on a firm underlay.

Firmer underlays will prevent excessive vertical movement and stretching of the carpet in use and will help to avoid creasing problems.

Soft, low density underlays do not give adequate support in heavy wear areas as the carpet pile is effectively squashed against the subfloor, accelerating wear and appearance changes.

Underlays that are too soft will collapse under the pressure, allow the carpet backing to be distorted and prevent good recovery, making indentations more severe.

What’s the best type of underlay to use underneath a Brintons carpet?

We recommend either:

  • Firm crumb rubber underlays or high density supportive foam.
  • Good quality hair felts with a minimum weight of 42oz per square yard.
  • Felt/rubber combinations in the form of a sandwich. These combine the support of the felt with a softer, more bouncy feel underfoot.
  • We do not recommend thick, softer foam with holes, egg box or waffle type backings and lightweight felts.

Underlay on stairs.

The choice of underlay on stairs is particularly important as firmer products are needed to give a good cushion and support the carpet. Crumb rubber and felt combination products help to “round out” the stair nosing preventing premature wear and to give a better, more rounded appearance to each stair.

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